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We want to get to know YOU! Your likes and your dislikes. Come and share your hair problems with us during our indepth consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect style for you.

Ladies Hair Cutting

From luxurious, bouncy layers to a glossy precision bob.  There'll be a cut that flatters you perfectly and we'll help you find it.  A cut that brings you up-to-date and grows out beautifully.
Maintain your look with a conditioning trim or totally switch it up and plunge for a re-style. Either way you'll be in expert hands at TPL Salon.

Mens Hair Cutting

A classic cut for the business professional or a trendy take on a modern style. Long or short, sharp or shaggy, choose your look and have it tailored it to suit you to a tee by a master haircutter.

Hair Colouring

We believe there’s a perfect tone for everyone. Light or dark? Warm or cool? Or just less grey. Your options may be endless but we can help you find the perfect hair colour for you. A colour that makes your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. A colour with lustre that enhances your haircut.


That captivating, shimmery, sun-kissed look of summer. Highlights are a great way to add another dimension to your hair colour.
Go soft and subtle with a few face-framing babylights to brighten up your complexion.
Go big and bold with a full head of full-on-blonde highlights.
Go somewhere in-between by layering a few colours for more tonal variation.
Your TPL stylist will have countless highlighting techniques to call on when deciding what works best for you

Balayage Highlights

Balayage was once the latest colour trend but now we'd say it's here to stay.
And why not? It's a beautiful technique and one that really showcases the artistry of our stylists.
Different to classic highlights, balayage highlights are applied freehand, by sweeping colour through the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. This results in sun-kissed, natural looking highlights with softer, less noticable re-growth.
There are so many ways to use balayage. A few accent-lights? A face-framing money piece? Or a full-head application? We would definitely recommend a free consultation prior to your colour appointment to discuss all your options.

Curl & Volume

From corkscrew curls or boho waves, a professional perm could be the solution to your needs. Unsure whether a perm is right for you? We offer free consultations so you can pop in and discuss your options with one of our haircare experts.

Grey Hair Enhancing

Embrace your natural beauty with True Grey - a dedicated in-salon colour service that helps you to celebrate your silver like never before.
Revitalizing and enhancing your natural grey hair by reducing yellow tones and adding dimension-boosting tone with shine.
It's low-commitment and completely damage-free letting you add that sparkle to your silver without putting stress on your strands.
Grey hair is not only normal, it's beautiful! And you'll be rocking it no matter what!

Care & Condition

We are obsessed with condition and shine! Great condition is the foundation for great looking hair, so if your hair has just lost it’s lustre or is fighting for it’s life, come and see us.


Olaplex is our go-to treatment in the salon when we need to preserve or recover the hairs condition during a colour service.
It works by protecting the chemical bonds in the hair preventing damage during the colouring process.
We also offer Olaplex as a stand-alone treatment that will repair and strengthen bonds already damaged through colouring, wear and tear or heat damage.

Smooth and Staighten

If like most of us you are struggling to blow-dry and smooth your hair at home Kerastraight might be for you! It is one of most popular smoothing treatments that makes our hair more manageable to style. Not to be mistaken with a permanent straighten; kerastraight is much kinder to the hair.


Going somewhere special? Or just want to try something new? From glamorous Hollywood waves to elegant up do’s we want to dress your hair to make you look and feel amazing. And hey... you might even pick up some tips for styling at home too - we are more than happy to show you.

Home care

You have just invested in your hair and we promise to help you get the very best out of it at home. From brushes to shampoo our list of do’s and don’ts will allow you maintain your luscious locks in between visits to the salon. But don’t forget ... You can pop in for a fringe trim any time that is something you DONT have to do yourself!

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